11 thoughts on “The TRUTH about BOULDER”

  1. Listen brother you and I each are aware of it doesn't matter why or how this taking pictures took location. They’re going to curl it to suit there agenda. I wouldn't be stunned within the occasion that they paid this guy to invent up a yarn on why he did what he did

  2. Obama and biden screwed The usa and American citizens and the relationship between The usa and the Heart East , im a Heart Eastern Arab and im a supporter of trump Because hes patriot to his country and participants and know whats only for The usa

  3. Colorado just retains getting worse the more gun management passes. They're beginning to painting someone with a chunk historical past of mental health as homicidal maniacs. So that you just seen a psychiatrist for feeling a chunk blue and wish em to prescribe sleep medication no matter No longer being a homicidal maniac? Oh! No gun rights for you! But they never focus on how majority of participants that have confidence mental medical conditions Are Bigger than inclined to be Victims than aggressors. Scrutinize it up and interact issue on how victimization harrowingly dwarfs violent aggressors referring to many American citizens who’ve confidence a mental condition. One other tactic to extra disarm participants in any plot. This is in a position to per chance per chance well also just at end result in complete bans on rights to possess fingers and self preservation down the avenue as if potentially the most contemporary prohibitive laws aren't ample. It doesn't surprise me seeing how disgusting elitist opportunists are to color all people with a mental condition automatically as homicidal since they see no subject feasting on tragic events to push elitist agenda, despite every little thing they frequently lope hand in hand. They demonize and stigmatize mental health so unsightly they even satisfied some conservatives to void the 2A on an already inclined populace. Mental health is plot too broad and complex that it's pretty easy to deceive on the masses as most participants don't know any better than what the media paints.

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