The ultimate technique to Make a Survival Slingshot

The ultimate technique to Make a Survival Slingshot

11 thoughts on “The ultimate technique to Make a Survival Slingshot”

  1. After I seen the fork you had been using to your slingshot it reminded me of boris the blade from lockstock and 2 smoking barrels,,heavy is factual heavy is reliable, if it doesn’t work which it’s essential possibly additionally continuously hit them with it.🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. A right survival sling shot uses the rubber at hand, ie the interior tube of a truck or car interior junked out support of a garage. A chunk of fencing wire (broken by hand by cool work bending it) to receive the rubber to the fork branch, and even some thicker gauge copper wire from an earthing cable-broken the identical manner. The pouch somewhat slash off my leather belt. We made slingshots like this as childhood, with a factual interior tube which it’s essential possibly additionally with out problems keep a small rock by means of a cordial bottle stuffed with water at 15-20ft- Okay or now now not it’s no where strategy as springy/e;eastic as tubing or this “as much as the moment apartments” however we with out problems additionally killed small recreation with them as childhood. The tubing u level to is worthy is on the opposite hand, as adverse to the safe i will be able to not judge of where one would safe this even in an urban space. Sure which it’s essential possibly additionally derive critical thicker stuff from a spear gun- however then which it’s essential possibly gain disabled that worthwhile instrument. The tape is factual and using cable ties, okay certain however you don’t receive cable ties within the bush rising on bushes however in an urban space per chance yeah. I notion you had been ex military or silent in service however I do know hundreds my mates who are silent in service and ones which don’t seem to be and additionally they couldn’t value a sling shot to place their lives LOL, however they’re frigid with that. From your title I notion you had been going to value one like that.

  3. Now not tainted., however lawful a notion gain a collection of living of pre-made flat bands with tie downs for your pack. They achieve now now not weigh anything else or take up dwelling. It be more uncomplicated and safer that manner. This could seemingly presumably possibly well be more uncomplicated to shoot too, that scheme better possibilities of getting recreation.

  4. Jack, I lawful seen this video on Story television channel!! The theme is instructing you be taught the technique to and how now to now not attain determined things, fail or now now not fail. Yours is the be taught the technique to attain it handsome. I seen you on tv and got perplexed, cuz i handiest survey you online! Took a sec for me to note what became as soon as occurring. You on tv… Frigid.

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