The united states is COLLAPSING

The united states is COLLAPSING

11 thoughts on “The united states is COLLAPSING”

  1. If the American buck collapses, devils can have much less affect over worldwide politics 😱. I perceive why Western governments joined forces to spoil Gaddafi. His view to manufacture a new currency that’s backed by gold would have uplifted our enemies and threatened our situation as the rightful rulers of this planet.

  2. You know now not what you are talking about. No one goes to head and use yen because thet entire world would give method. No longer announcing issues are now not going to get genuinely execrable since the cash used to be already stold. The BANKERSTERS did that 2008. Noway to recuperate from that. We were already raped correct feeeling the discontinue of that.

  3. Deep down you are!!!! face it America is on the decline,and wager who are the fundamental folk that’s responsible .The these who’s on the inflated fiat currency.

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