The US is kind of GONE

The US is kind of GONE

11 thoughts on “The US is kind of GONE”

  1. It shouldn't be a surprise, the faculties are brainwashing the children to be anti-American, these woke-ass liberals hate The United States, so that they elevate their children to be correct like them. The United States is completed, we've turned into our backs to GOD, and he returned the need.

  2. And right here is what you and I and loads others risked our lives international to offer protection to. Its ashame that this as soon as colossal country is popping into one thing divided and the place folks hate every thing. Charles

  3. Semper Fi brother. Sadly right here is our truth now. I cant imagine I fought and bled in the battle for folk who dishonor our fallen brothers. The free masons and luciferians are herding us sincere into a “new world stammer”. All we can attach is conclude solid for every other and our families. Spoil in the gentle!

  4. China and other international entities are on the support of this, correct quit for a minute like at The United States in the year 2022.. now issue China & Russia The usis literally a freak prove when compared. Infiltration thru media and education has fully destroyed all morals and oldschool sense.And sorry to explain that there’s a motive that homosexuality and transgenderism or despite it’s known as has risen so enormously the past 15 years.. it’s being taught! Makes it loads more uncomplicated to invade a country when there are no masculine americans anymore.

  5. God never blessed The United States The United States blessed The United States with greed you might maybe presumably presumably additionally very well be both filthy rich or dirt miserable no in between the filthy rich are fewer than we are and in addition they possess our asses and in addition they favor you to hate every other and in addition they favor you to believe lifestyles ought to soundless be laborious there's no scheme this will additionally poke on perpetually there's going to be a revolution or a fall down whichever comes first and never if but when whenever you happen to position a inquire of of to me anybody can like it's right here already and no person affords a s***

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