The WATCHMEN Trailer (Respectable Video)

The WATCHMEN Trailer (Respectable Video)

11 thoughts on “The WATCHMEN Trailer (Respectable Video)”

  1. Most considerations other folks attain to themselves. Why would you receive carrying a start window. Produce it the place the door cant be opened even if the lock it broken. I’m loopy lol

  2. Obtain a German Shepard. Simplest damn fear plan it’s most likely you’ll well also receive for a shelter rate. Saved my wife and young other folks when I modified into doing security the following metropolis over. Someone tried to bust down the entrance door the dogs barked, my wife got her gun and the asshole modified into compelled to bustle off. Also repeatedly deal with safe deal with strapped and deal with unhealthy. Thanks shaded scout.

  3. Your first line of defense in your house is NOT a gun, or now not it’s correctly locked doorways and an fear plan! If they bypass the locked doorways and fear plan… then a gun is your 2d line of defense.

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