These 5 items will FIX 90% of your PROBLEMS

These 5 items will FIX 90% of your PROBLEMS

11 thoughts on “These 5 items will FIX 90% of your PROBLEMS”

  1. Discuss a defensive firearm, then proceed to instruct off a total abortion dripping with uninteresting shit and grossly over priced. The window cuts being the dumbest fucking aspect that it’s likely you’ll make to your plod. The money would be better spent on a stock Glock 19, a few cases of ammo and some practicing programs.

  2. In set aside of living of the BIC I would imply a minute torch. It is likely you’ll per chance maybe per chance catch them in the same maintain aspect nonetheless they are vital hotter, extra resistant to water and wind and particles. The one I take advantage of is moreover refillable and has a cap which opens and closes as you strike. For plod a superior lighter

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