11 thoughts on “THEY are COMING for THEM!!”

  1. We both dangle collectively or dangle by myself. Either system we dangle. We need to beef up each diversified however there is rarely any have confidence anymore. We do now not have confidence each other. We can continue to lose our Freedom and Liberty because we now were programmed to work by myself and be loners. I form now not occupy a solution both. It is a indispensable arena perhaps the greatest.

  2. Criminals, communists and tyrants fancy Biden/Harris secure daring when there might be no legislation and no consequences for them.Especially after they contain they’ll override God and the Structure.

  3. for all these folks asking why the government. retains poking the sound asleep massive that is us the American of us. Let me show you why. They need us to pop off and delivery a civil battle, then mutter thats the excuse they wish to grab your guns. Dazzling now its an apprehension tactic making an strive to bait the ignorant into motion so they’ll counter with their aim. Steal your guns!

  4. Man I been making an strive to do to secure an AR or the same rifle for my dwelling and family safety. Any recommendation for a uncomfortable family from Alabama who might well well barely secure the money for hire old to all of this now not to mention rifles after this crap happening?

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