11 thoughts on “They WANT YOU to SUBMIT”

  1. Im trusty 2A, but im no longer in opposition to raising the age for war caliber semi-auto rifles to 21. childhood can still possess shotguns, and any plug circulate. Its no longer a take care of a watch on measure but possibly a more age acceptable paramameter. (cuase if SHTF 2A match happens we are all going to dads armory anyway). Who wishes to possess a about this?

  2. We already know the sport ……Adjust our time…..Adjust our minds…take care of a watch on our childhood…fabricate next generation of issue material conforming peasant class citizens.invent you orderly enough steal path but no longer orderly enough to judge.

  3. Is it proper me or attain you believe you studied there’s any connection to the extraordinarily low water ranges in Lake Mead and the whisk by the Left for inexperienced/renewable energy? I understand drought is a utilizing component in the low water desk, nonetheless I also understand there are constant 40-50 mile an hour winds thru the lake bed. I am awaiting somebody to claim it shall be a high residence for wind-driven electrical energy, given the time to fill up the lake vs. the time it would steal to connect wind generators. I’ve also seen the entire western US in the intervening time has dry lakes that might per chance per chance even be vulnerable for this form of reason. It be proper a idea but probably somebody with some pull might per chance per chance compare this.God Bless Fossil Fuels!

  4. 🤣🤣 very very excellent it be time to work on toughness no terror about the weep infants. And wish to cease attacking 2nd modification

  5. The idea is to December our militia so we are in a position to be invaded from one other country the Democrats don’t care they possess got been paid off and they’re section of the Scandal it be going to be a revolution at some point in this country again endure in mind whereas you are on a motorcycle we strolling up a abundant giant

  6. Within the occasion that they don’t judge weapons can put lives ,provide protection to our other halves and childeren,provide protection to our homes,provide protection to our schools ect,,let them try and assault an armed citizen that’s ready,or police which shall be willing to present protection to themselves,,or a militia unit deployed and ready for war.Then peer if weapons don’t work.

  7. I disagree about age,I recieved my 1st hid weapons permit at 19 it took that lengthy to turn into completely spirited and the manager of police had to log off on you in the intervening time.

  8. Youngsters took rifles to college for marksmanship classes and NOBODY bought shot. Zero mass shootings. Now we possess got a CULTURE downside, no longer a weapon downside.

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