11 thoughts on “They’ll STOP at NOTHING”

  1. Must you are American Ashley in political jam of job and also you skedaddle in opposition to the Structure you off to be in penal advanced for these 5 years nonetheless curiously all people is okay with it nowadays income tax all people pays income tax nonetheless there's no federal law announcing you may all people does this gorgeous out of the goodness of their heart it's a scam from the federal government to cheat The Working Man Of The United States that can presumably pay the bills for the oldsters and jam of job to raise out irrespective of they wish and act love it's for the oldsters it's no longer it's in opposition to the oldsters

  2. Stare sir I'm off for you talkin about what you're talkin about nonetheless I disclose you what it's no longer the left it's no longer the gorgeous it's Devil getting folks to raise out his bidding via phrases love Freedom tolerance vaccines to your have just for the just of oldsters it's all lies from the pit of Hell

  3. Sir the Bibles coming lawful gorgeous before your eyes I don't know in case you're a Christian nonetheless even the Christians raise out no longer collect this what these videos are showing is is named lawlessness and that's honorable going to gather worse in accordance to the Bible and it's no longer the left it's Devil someone that stands up to your gorgeous to be a Christian in this country would possibly be persecuted and lastly eradicated

  4. There's reasonably about a of us that got our equipment fascinating to head and our weapons and they also’re in a high quality jam so we are able to head collect them

  5. I wouldn't blame them if all of the police gorgeous stop and left us on our have. Needless to inform there are unfriendly law enforcement officials too gorgeous love there are only and unfriendly in every little thing

  6. Hello dark scout what’s your thought on the M1 a scout rifle I’m the divulge of it for every and each day divulge if I even acquire to due to scenario hits the fan

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