They’re Approaching your CHILDREN

They’re Approaching your CHILDREN

11 thoughts on “They’re Approaching your CHILDREN”

  1. U racist fuk. Merely ignore the indisputable reality that 10 Foundational Shadowy American citizens dangle been overtly massacred! Substandard is immoral…nonetheless the indisputable reality that you just fail to reward empathy is previous disgusting. You point to your self to be sympathetic in the direction of white supremacists. Fuk your code discuss “injurious human beings” …which, you in actuality suggest to express Shadowy Other folks.

  2. The republican occasion does nothing to acknowledge murky crime and violence against white of us. Take into account, they would no longer even acknowledge the racial motivations tiresome the Waukesha attack… the nationwide justice occasion does on the other hand

  3. Might well per chance no longer Musk initiate his dangle social media (for decrease than 44 billion) that does every little thing Twitter does no longer? Making Twitter broken-down.

  4. instructing detest at home, in faculty and on the side road. admire Smokey the Undergo express handiest can live racist.. notify you young of us correct over immoral.

  5. For folk that preserve attempting to flip this real into a poke self-discipline. You are both lost otherwise you is probably going to be the disaster here is a non secular disaster. Don’t be fooled. Colour has nothing to raise out with it. What’s occurring is written and it coming correct correct sooner than your eyes. Btw, things are going to salvage grand worse than this. That’s the right kind “WOKENESS”.

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