11 thoughts on “This CAN’T Be REAL”

  1. Don't whine that dim of us are no longer woke we listen what's going on. We’re no longer taking out no handouts a huge range of us out listed below are working and paying attention to this authorities.

  2. Its absolute proof the left desires what they give belief to “THE UNDESIRABLES” long previous and ineffective. Staunch fancy California having injection internet sites for heroin addicts!. Ots an amazing design of thinning out the heard….enable them to off themselves and no dirty fingers all the way in which by technique of!

  3. It's no longer America they could well restful abominate, it's the globalist policies and actions of the authorities they could well restful form out. If we can hold away the globalists from our authorities we can substitute the design of us feel about the U.S. here and in a foreign country. I don't abominate America however I surely don't appreciate the politicians who own distorted our policies and authorized guidelines to support the globalist corporations. These corporations could per chance per chance own started in the U.S. however they’re controlled by globalists who factor in they’re born endowed with the pretty and responsibility to manipulate the area. Delusional elitists with a maniacal agenda. They’ve won alter of governments across the area and are making their tear for a tyrannical, one world authorities.

  4. they’re seeking to reduce pipe sharing, fancy needle sharing, as a prophylaxis for covid. kinda fancy masks. no virus can continue to exist being burned at high temps with an originate flame. so that they’re making an strive to mainstream crack and meth.

  5. Joe Biden's RACISM at it's FINEST! His TRUE COLORS are SHOWING NOW!!! Jack You're exactly Staunch! Provocative the Those who Get to head to the FRONT of the LINE are who???LGBTQ? Blacks, Browns, and who else?

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