11 thoughts on “Time to FIGHT TYRANNY”

  1. KY is a correct fall support snort, haha. Retain on alongside with your opinions, this will doubtless impart just a few a holes. Perchance theyll be edifying later. And dont discard KY, no force will elevate us other than πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  2. I purchased a felony for defending any individual's life who used to be about to earn stabbed alongside with his have confidence knife. There is so great tyranny. The govt. is prosecuting all of us for every thing they’ll, correct to generate more profits for themselves.

  3. And I will stand correct there beside you and each other stars and stripes loving patriot brother. For my family and loved ones there's nothing that also can tackle me from placing all of it on the twin carriageway

  4. I sir have faith every thing you stand for and introduced. If and when the time comes, I will most definitely be proud to face beside you. Long stay the US Structure and the Liberty she offers. The Oath I took has no expiration date.

  5. I marvel why I haven't heard of anybody questioning the validity of the 'exams'.A symptomatic, they impart….. the truth is? I impart…. its esteem an even pregnancy test, with No small one

  6. FBI is a joke. essentially the most untrusted agency in american historical previous. if the were valid… lots of the dems would possibly possibly possibly be imprisoned, impeached.. and brooding relating to the CIA exsists. thats rather inferior

  7. The hole jap world wonts us to fall no longer who it's all who hates us and our Gov ought to disarm us cant anticipate police to strategy support and support my family the political family's savor their weapons no longer life like family home proprietor they better divulge and earn practising originate no longer shoot the cross particular person but ogle your households lives you perfect savor them as soon as to your life

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