8 thoughts on “TOP 10 COOL GADGETS FOR SELF DEFENSE 2021”

  1. Are you looking out for the handiest self protection items & equipment of 2021? These are one of the most valuable handiest self protection items & equipment we came across so a ways:

    ✅1. PepperBall Tactical TAC-SF​
    ✅2. Tops Knives Mini Sling​
    ✅3. Springfield Armory Hellcat RDP
    ✅4. Byrna HD Non-Lethal Self-Protection equipment​
    ✅5. Schrade SCH111 Chubby Tang, Mounted Blade Knife​
    ✅6. CRKT Yukanto Mounted Blade Knife​
    ✅7. Cool Metal Brooklyn Smasher,​
    ✅8. SABRE RED Tactical Pepper Gel with Belt Holster​
    ✅9. Deepest Dread for Women, Emergency Self-Protection Security Dread Keychain​
    ✅10. KEPEAK Navy Tactical Pen, Authentic Self Protection Pen,

  2. None of this would possibly well perchance perchance well EVER change my semi computerized pistols!!There's nothing better then a semi computerized gun than a more contemporary one or an AR-15!!

  3. You estimable bought a love self-protection items right here’s my trick have some fast two by fours on your storage so that it is possible you’ll perchance well be ready to estimable take hold of one in every of them and smack your assailant with it, or estimable beget some baseball bats to hand.

  4. I am no hater, but right here is literally THE WORST self protection diagram video I with out a doubt beget ever seen in my lifestyles. The pepper ball guns beget been a correct thing to articulate but a slight bit on the impractical/impolite facet… and knives ARE NOT brilliant self protection instruments. You will gain demolished in courtroom must you didn't use it in a subject of lifestyles or death when the utilization of deadly force is allowed, because a knife is a weapon of deadly force. Which in that case, it is more healthy to beget shot someone with a gun anyway and no longer gain into cease fight the establish you are nearly with out a doubt going to gain injured/killed. NO Mention of tazers, any puny handheld nonlethals, and the most pass crime of all became once no longer stating arguably the MOST effective, suited non deadly, OC (pepper spray/oleoresin capsicum).Oh I forgot to articulate how powerful of a joke it became once to toss the slingshot in there. 😂”Purchase on disagreeable man, I’d like to search out some rocks for my sling shot ahead of we gain into a fight. Then you’ll need to face there whereas I trot them at you separately.”I with out a doubt feel it is my optimistic responsibility to loathe this video. 😂

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