Top 10 Most efficient Machetes for Survival and Self Defense 2021

8 thoughts on “Top 10 Most efficient Machetes for Survival and Self Defense 2021”

  1. Are you procuring for the top likely machete for survival and self defense on Amazon of 2020? These are about a of the top likely machetes for survival and self defense we learned to date:

    ✅1. Schrade SCHKM1 Expansive Corpulent Tang Kukri Machete
    ✅2. Gerber Broadcut Machete
    ✅3. CRKT Halfachance Mounted Blade Parang Machete by Ken Onion
    ✅4. Gerber Versafix Mounted BladeMachete Hybrid
    ✅5. Camillus Carnivore X 18 Machete
    ✅6. UST Paracuda FS
    ✅7. Condor Tool & Knife, Jungolo Machete
    ✅8. Tramontina Bolo Machete
    ✅9. ESEE Darien Machete
    ✅10. Jungle Grasp JM-031B Machete

  2. What a crap video. No comparison or reasoning, correct a combination of largely mediocre machetes thrown collectively and the video easiest reveals half of of them. There's perhaps 2 on that list that I'd place in a real top 10. The ESEE being so low on the list is further proof what crap these videos are.

  3. For Your total other folks wondering what the machete from the Thumbnail is, It's the “United Cutlery M48 Ops Tactical Smatchet UC3119” It's currently Discontinued.

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