ULTIMATE Bugout Win Fragment II

ULTIMATE Bugout Win Fragment II

11 thoughts on “ULTIMATE Bugout Win Fragment II”

  1. Gargantuan video I saw both parts, took notes…In due direction please don’t deem that your viewers is conscious of how important any item is. Moreover, making definite what the object is named is terribly priceless for investigating whether or no longer or no longer one would expend said item…There are hundreds newbies accessible that will well perchance expend the wait on. Thanks for what you produce.

  2. The extra i peek this roughly movies, the extra i realize, we’re so f*** in europe…. why? Quite a bit areas are correct urban in my home… we cant indulge in weapons, so one of the best most likely ones which indulge in acces produce that are police, defense force,… so what produce we produce but walk? Hoping to win with some relied on contributors… knives? Rocks? Axes? Any pointers for this?

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