Urban Bugout- Phase 2

Urban Bugout- Phase 2

11 thoughts on “Urban Bugout- Phase 2”

  1. i cherish the gun disarm lesson. with any luck in abominable health undergo in tips to employ it or no longer have my adrenalin give me a coronary heart attack XD

  2. I came all the arrangement in which by arrangement of some sturdy q pointers at harbor freight and dipped them in Vaseline. Huge fire starter.Actually have a torch lighter.

  3. I am starting to feel very right about the years I spent as a toddler in girl scouts, tenting, and summer season camp, on the opposite hand with my daughters as a scout chief. It became a blessing. My son and husband additionally did boy scouts for about a years. We did it the no longer easy methodology reduction within the 70’s additionally, tenting outside, making fires, cooking over the fireplace, your entire life abilities thing. Never ever idea I would concentrate on my days as a scout esteem I finish now, imaginable catastrophe survival skill.

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