Urban Escape and Evasion / Layering Your Kit

Urban Escape and Evasion / Layering Your Kit

11 thoughts on “Urban Escape and Evasion / Layering Your Kit”

  1. Can you utilize the diamond wire blade to strike the mini ferro rod? I would desire to indulge in as puny steel as imaginable on my layered equipment if I’ll perchance lend a hand it, wondering if I need a razor in it or not

  2. I stratin out paper clips. And put them interior my boot laces. The utilization of a lighter to seal it off on the pause. My wallet has a hearth equipment and a mini med equipment. I additionally indulge in a secondary fire equipment in my left boot. And I lift a 7 creep single edged bush whacking dagger. Both for when I’m tenting within the woods. And, if wished in a self defense cause.

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