11 thoughts on “UVALDE UPDATE: COP Checking HIS PHONE…”

  1. My ex would’ve gone in if he needed to drive a automobile thru a wall to catch inner. My recent husband would abolish anybody in his manner to catch to me. We perceive how lengthy it takes law enforcement officials to catch there, formulate a notion, and so forth. My 62 1/2 yo husband would by no manner wait. I perceive how he’s been educated & perceive how gargantuan his balls are! He is conscious of I’m consistently armed, bear 2 canines which can additionally very effectively be gorgeous alarms & 1 would die for me, she stepped in between me & a 600lb sad gain & the gain ran. All that stated, he wouldn’t aloof down & take as a right that I’d additionally handle the narrate on my maintain. If he didn’t advance in to rescue me & I survived, I would abolish him!! Til loss of life attain us section toddler!!

  2. The issue thing to achieve change into once to head in. Photographs were already being fired. One jackass whom planned to achieve bother could additionally had been taken out and so many folks could additionally had been saved. It will eternally bear an affect on everyone.

  3. My wife saved me in every manner seemingly for one human to keep one other years ago. With that being stated there is nothing that will perhaps dwell me from giving 120% of myself to serve her safe it would no longer topic what the narrate. The same goes for ours and anybody’s child safe. When you are scared correct imagine how scared these childhood are who create no longer bear any training/skills of this degree of violence.

  4. I change into once away at work once and my grownup niece change into once staying at my home she change into once having complications alongside with her crazy narco terrorist wannabe ex boyfriend who had kidnapped her previously she stupidity invited him over whereas I change into once gone I demonstrate up in the morning and I seek his truck launch air my home I assemble entry with a 9mm handgun and lag as much as her door and ask her if she’s okay she says certain I’m all who’s truck is launch air she stated his I’m delight in he needs to head away now what MRF demonstrate me your fkn fingers he does so I stroll him out he’s delight in my keys I’m comparable to you’ll catch your fkn keys later serve involving I stroll him launch air and affirm him by no manner to advance wait on wait on or I’ll attain regardless of it takes to shield my family. I suggested this cuckold friend of mine about it he’s all stunned he didn’t press expenses against you for pulling a gun out on him put off your niece let him in I’m delight in MF I didn’t know if my niece change into once useless or r@ped I needed to achieve what I needed to

  5. They were cowards and her husband as effectively, all of them acted with out a management, with out a hint of owning too their obligation.They were all scared in their pants. They had no ways. I would positively would, these were of us unprepared because they would perhaps no longer be referred to as law enforcement officials. They were all a disgrace and a humiliation…You are on level…

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