WALMART Ferro Rod- UST Strike Force

WALMART Ferro Rod- UST Strike Force

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  1. Thanks for the demonstration. Imagine it or no longer I modified into once doing it irascible earlier than staring at it.An easy, straightforward cloth to make insist of as tinder I’ve found is dryer lint. It burns with a low sizzling flame and you’ll merely about never speed low on the stuff. Store it in a ziploc accumulate for your hikes and use a half of buck sized wad and stuff it into an association of dry twigs and combustables, characteristic it to your would-be fire and maintain at it!

  2. I had one amongst these a whereas aid, potentially one day of the time you made this video. It labored massive but after a couple of month i modified the form out on the ferrorod bc it kept falling out. Took a dinky piece of dried oak, drilled a gap for the rod to friction fit and one more gap for a lanyard. Spend a shining coloration lanyard so that you don’t lose it!! Pleasant vid as continuously!! Thanks!

  3. F*** walmart. China is the enemy and oppressing and killing Christians along with to oppressing the people of Hong Kong. Don't be a aged sheeple, place about a bucks extra and defend U.S. products. Don't toughen products dazzling attributable to they're US, win correct ones and fantastic will upward thrust.

  4. I obtained a smaller model included in one more item that I bought within the camping home at Walmart. Up to now in 2021 I win it exhausting to search out Ferro rods anywhere. Rather than the lucky win at Walmart, I’ve needed to converse all the issues off the Web.

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