we bought a original dogs…

we bought a original dogs…

10 thoughts on “we bought a original dogs…”

  1. “dutch sheppherd”??? no, it be no longer! he’s a Belgian sheppherd, and yes, there’s a distinction, Dutch sheppherds also are their very possess breed, and the Netherlands (where we are DUTCH) and Belgium are NOT the an identical country!!!

  2. However he used to be broken from day one.. no longer due to Joe or Tripper…so unhappy when you occur to exercise time, vitality, thousands of $…nonetheless would perchance perchance additionally if had a %200 rescue canines.

  3. Like appreciate appreciate you all And Joe it’s likely you’ll presumably be my good friend too. Glorious wife and cute toddler and cute younger daughter too. And that canines is going to be colossal good friend for you and son too. Katie lol lol.

  4. one title finest, Cesar Milan. No punish collars.At first I believed his title mirrored his personality, he enact be a day creep.And I believed he regarded love a dingo, nonetheless what enact I do know…..😁

  5. Like the new canines he used to be amusing when you occur to took him out on his first canoe day creep and he chased the strikes loved it sorry about what YouTube is doing to you it’s appropriate unsuitable I’m gonna be turning 66 subsequent week I will be capable to’t stay up for your new ride I must make investments in top TV to ask what you two were up to hundreds appreciate from Platteville Wisconsin Pam

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