WHAT he mentioned must calm SCARE YOU

WHAT he mentioned must calm SCARE YOU

11 thoughts on “WHAT he mentioned must calm SCARE YOU”

  1. Biden legacy will probably be that he offered out The us, that he was as soon as the worst president of the US, that he made the US thd laughingstock of the field, and that he tried to disarm the electorate of USA to again perpetuate turning us into a socialist nation

  2. I got the news of this stream gradual. YouTube dazzling offered this video as a dwell stream that took place bask in 20 minutes ago to me. It even showed up as I watched this video as if it have been dwell. And now it is announcing posted a month ago YouTube is screwing with other folks. I’m no longer getting the notifications and stuff on time. This channel is no longer the excellent channel that YouTube’s doing that with.

  3. I esteem your command material and all that you just focus on. I manufacture no longer moderately have confidence the stance on the football gamers taking a knee facet, I mediate that’s their freedom of speech and whatnot. Nonetheless, I respect your notion and know you’ll probably be entitled to it and we can indeed disagree on some things and agree on others. Largely, I’m with you on your concepts, opinions and arguments. I know right here is an pale video, but notion I might narrate for the algorithm. I esteem what you can be doing. Follow it.

  4. I’m a Canadian so I manufacture no longer know, but up right here crime is perpetrated by unregistered firearms, it is no appropriate takeing away registered firearms that will no longer conclude crime. if right here is dazzling for the US then there is something else going on….Greg

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