What is the Finest Firesteel?

11 thoughts on “What is the Finest Firesteel?”

  1. I’ve had 5 A-B marine mil-b-131h survival kits. In chilly moist climate o’ I hated the Doan hearth metal. All from the 90’s. Worn two in practicing. Two robbed the candies out of. And one silent together in a single fragment. Factual save it aside becouse, The Esee used to be top notch in chilly moist climate. If truth be told would tie para-cord to Swiss Navy knife or demo knife from same equipment as stated. On the opposite of hearth metal. Looped it thru me belt with barely enough cord to employ. Left front pocket, Always on person. Lite my hearth used to be constantly perfect equipment as successfully.And yes salt watre will raze the rods. Bloody hell. Realized the exhausting draw. . Did jump jacks til the morns early lite.

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