What the Government says about ALIENS and UFOs

What the Government says about ALIENS and UFOs

11 thoughts on “What the Government says about ALIENS and UFOs”

  1. It is horrifying to explore ppl in our govt who tell men can fetch pregnant and possess abortions! Now we must fetch the crazies out period. They’re destroying total sense and this country. All dems possess is the racist factor and ppl are mindful about it.

  2. I ultimate esteem God, Jesus. God brings lifestyles, it takes TWO to assemble a baby!!! MAN AND WOMAN! no longer two females and no longer two men! Total stupidity and loss of total sense. How did this confusion attain about!

  3. I deem its Jesus’ second coming and the angels of the lord. The Bible says in the cease days you are going to explore indicators in the skies. The fight of appropriate and execrable is accurate. It is been going on since God solid Satan and his followers out of heaven staunch down to earth.

  4. We would possibly perhaps presumably aloof fetch the “woke” ppl and fetch them for treason if they try to assassinate this country. Now we must fetch relieve no longer off beam with our skills and cease the threats from within this country and assemble The US first our top priority all all over again. Surrender the social justice warriors stuck in 1965, cease the white guilt crt crap and the 15000 genders. Catch relieve no longer off beam with God who blessed us with this country. Kick the pagans out.

  5. 10:04 No seat belts? Haaaaaaaa, I possess a 60 Ford F100 4×4 it below no conditions came with seat belts.Ought to you hop in that fight wagon, fetch it up to 50 mph… your esteem a spider in a frying pan. One a part of you says I desire out😳 the replacement part sayes ,Oh Yea πŸ˜ƒ total freedom. Seat belts enact save lives! However on the replacement hand, that feeling is improbable. 🀣

  6. Gods regulations possess allways been minimalist govt the save the governments job is to punish execrable doers that, seize, rape, execute, and kidnap. The governments job is rarely any longer supposed to be to control each side of our lives.

  7. Again the notice appealing in the Exact direction!! When the remaining play ball & defend out of it & tennis shoes are factual shoes !! ,,, So easy but todays public can’t explore & realize them selves ?? πŸ€” Hmmm ???

  8. Demonic oppression ends in the Denial of Truth. These folks are living a lie, they are deceived. I speculate that the Militia Industrial Complex has attain into skills that is Alien to a U.S. Citizen. Electromagnetics use polarities to assemble a spacecraft switch in a manner we’re no longer going to to find out about.

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