When The ATF Comes To YOUR DOOR!

When The ATF Comes To YOUR DOOR!

11 thoughts on “When The ATF Comes To YOUR DOOR!”

  1. take into anecdote this, critically: ATF involves your door to take a look at if ya quiet posses yer guns; you grunt: “obvious! here ya bolt; but, i’m angry about selling them the following day; gonna arrive support the following day? i describe ya what– how bout we play this recreation on daily foundation? hey, yer on the clock, proper, so wassa expansive, huh?, HUH?!” law enforcement officials are nuthin but dreadful Ps.O.S.; but yer starting up to wake up, sarge. whadya take into anecdote a smartly regulated militia being wanted to the safety of a free allege? whadya take into anecdote the right form of the other folks to withhold and endure palms shall not be infringed? how bout law enforcement officials must quiet be fascinating anybody attempting such infringement? how bout law enforcement officials are the most easy ones infringing on such?

  2. ATF agent: “Gun violence is on an up rob” So we’re harassing Legislation Abiding Voters, consequently of it’s safer than going after accurate criminals. SMH

  3. I must quiet be loopy, but at any time when I glance Fauci, I score fond memories of Angry Journal and folding the support hide to resolve the puzzle. How within the “F” did Alfred E. Nueman “What, me distress?” score a government job making more than POTUS?!?

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