Whereas you suspect AMERICA is BAD, Circulate to Afghanistan

Whereas you suspect AMERICA is BAD, Circulate to Afghanistan

11 thoughts on “Whereas you suspect AMERICA is BAD, Circulate to Afghanistan”

  1. What is going to happen to Japan and Taiwan? What you all mediate? Silk road being built by China…THAT'S HUGE MOVE! They’re with out say Making extra allies bc how we treat our allies now, they spy our crazy govt on tv and factual LAUGH at USA. We’re disgusting to most of them and who can blame them? I know we peaceable stop unheard of accurate, yet i occupy blended emotions on WHO is asking these shots or strikes for that matter. I stop agree with we would like to step out the “world police” junk, factual having gov use our women and males folks as they spy match is swish upsetting. WE NEED A SAY..One blueprint or the opposite, by some capacity!

  2. Treasure the tips you attach out…No BS…Now bigger than ever we would like to retain our heads on a swivel….Appropriate Patriots Will Never Fold…Thank You

  3. I love your channel, the video displaying the total of us striking on the airplane is utterly unsuitable, CGI video technology was as soon as frail to create it. Take into tale the of us running round and it is miles seemingly so that you simply can to spy that it’s unsuitable. Fraudulent Data at it’s easiest…

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