Why Did the US buy $290 Million In Anti-Radiation Pills

Why Did the US buy $290 Million In Anti-Radiation Pills

11 thoughts on “Why Did the US buy $290 Million In Anti-Radiation Pills”

  1. Jack, I read Russians are discovering safe and friendly remedy in and shut to Turkey. The motive I mention right here’s the knowledge I read pretty some time reduction. In all places in the time Biden left our troops in Afghanistan. The article became studying.. beware or be cautious of Turkey. I rep it suspicious after this amount of time that I now read the unique article. Enact you contain any tips on this?Staring at as shut as most likely. Never resign 🇺🇸

  2. If there’s a nuclear war, who cares about iodine tabs? I am hoping I’m vaporized within the preliminary blast. Why would anyone must live to assert the tale within the aftermath? Existence is actually a hell on earth.

  3. While I repeatedly love the detailed reporting on WION, I grasp colossal accepting to this yarn and it’s apparent nukes trouble mongering. The US bear of anti-radiation medication is an ongoing program that dates reduction to at least 2004. While the field has trigger of train over Russian nuclear threats, no knowledge organizations would possibly per chance maybe also indifferent heighten the fears. The facts relating to the historical past of these medications purchases had been easy to detect, but you didn’t mention it in your overly dramatic presentation.

  4. Jack , the stale asserting goes one thing love this , ” Ought to you fought for it FREEDOM has a flavor that the protected received’t ever know , PERIOD . TRUMP/2024 and BEYOND !!!!!

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