Why Does This KEEP Taking place??

Why Does This KEEP Taking place??

11 thoughts on “Why Does This KEEP Taking place??”

  1. Shoot your technique outta it? LOL successfully how enact you dispute we enact that after they rob our weapons? Oh wait.. WE CANT! They in actuality abominate capitalism.. but they in actuality REALLY abominate/effort a smooth, match, wise ARMED Americans that contemplate in Yahweh and the nuclear family. God bless y’all, you’re households, and careers! Give credit to one one other(the place it’s due) and unfold the fondness our Father in heaven reveals us.

  2. must learn about dr.david martin…no variant …covid truth government planned damage learn about on you tube….and dr.david martin …they came for the canadians ..this used to be planned damage please learn about on you tube ….

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