Why isn’t THIS on the NEWS

Why isn’t THIS on the NEWS

11 thoughts on “Why isn’t THIS on the NEWS”

  1. Dude I former to declare…”blue lives matter” and be adamant about supporting cops. On the other hand, seeing the violence, compliance, and cops NOT supporting the structure, I gained't pretty hobble acab, but rattling I'm getting shut. Identical thing with the fbi. I former to declare “successfully…easiest the tip brass are contaminated”. On the other hand, now I imagine the VAST MAJORITY of FBI are TOTALLY contaminated. The cops are within the identical path.

  2. I got my militia records and claimed in most cases, Nothing ever came about!? I could perchance now now not be aware one loss of life or loss of life by my choices…That's because PTSD doesn't in point of fact kick in until you is more likely to be over 50?! You then hobble over your records!? Rattling!? Its was now now not my fualt!? Sure, it was…I do know, belief me?!

  3. This is utterly HORRENDOUS! Looks to be like delight in what the British did to Irish. Blacks whites all races let's please come collectively below our lord Jesus TOGETHER cherish every pretty about a. We KNOW who and where the spoiled is. Discontinuance now now not let this divide us farther. Dam!! Please let's stop the dividers and I mean globalist atheist scum from unfavorable our purpose. Our factual purpose is to secure to the pretty about a facet in peace and cherish. Now we must hobble away this living rapidly. Be aware we’re all steady passing via. The glory of God is expecting all those who in point of fact behold the gentle of christ and NOT apply the darkness.

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