Worn Technology: 4 years of extinct expertise

Worn Technology: 4 years of extinct expertise

7 thoughts on “Worn Technology: 4 years of extinct expertise”

  1. John, as a fellow Aussie and follower for years. Let me just true articulate that you simply deserve all of the subs it is possible you’ll perhaps well private and then some. What you pause is terribly absolute best and individually, I dunno how you labored any of it out lol.

  2. My favorite fragment about this channel is the unfamiliar window it provides you to the existence model and mindset of early humans. How functionality and efficacy were THE deciding factors on how numerous these items became made and thus how it appears like.

  3. Handiest if we were alive eternally… Or no longer lower than had couple thousand or perhaps couple hundred years to are residing. The issues a single individual would possibly perhaps well pause are impossible and the growth would possibly perhaps well be godly. Now imagine billions and trillions of these impossible godly creatures.

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