11 thoughts on “Your BIGGEST THREAT”

  1. Home security is extremely most realistic procedure up as develop no longer current an opportunity for someone to salvage at you and your family with out a quantity of pain. Living your defensive as much as be user friendly for you and the family.

  2. CALI WON’T ALLOW YOU TO FATALLY SHOOT an interloper unless acknowledged intruder has a weapon that can procedure off lethal hurt, fucking slow. You are going to ranking a execute payment snappily when you happen to enact.

  3. Man it sucks that you just emphasize a degree and contact the perpetrator , ” the homeless dude” . I’m a God fearing man and am for righteousness. I’m moreover homeless because of being failed by my squawk and I’m disabled with a base breathing condition. Of us please take into account no longer every homeless person is a psychopath or one thing else love. Real needed to dispute because it sucks to be belief of in that vogue in case you are already down and shut to out.

  4. I count upon myself that’s it there’s nothing America affords anymore payment searching on for right standing and I’ve raised my teens that intention from the authorities to your neighbors enact no longer depend on the militia the police the authorities no person very most realistic your self since the fact is no person cares and that’s right the fact now you may per chance well possibly possibly be to your individual out right here in the the enviornment elephantine of looney tunes lol

  5. I’m so proud of you and one of the best intention you are conducting your self. You are going to be standing up with morals/values/bravely for ALL of us, painting a target to your lend a hand for ALL of us (unfortunately), and constructing your attach with veterans. I sincerely hope that you just climb as excessive as is that you just may per chance well possibly possibly moreover recall to mind in this world bc you are doing what is sweet. Thanks so unprecedented.

  6. In this day’s world it may possibly per chance well possibly even be better to have a suppressor, and stunning up afterwards, and run to work in the morning engrossing you did a moral deed…

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