24h Walmart Camping/Survival Distress $500 Spent on Walmart Camping Equipment, Camping with my Dog

10 thoughts on “24h Walmart Camping/Survival Distress $500 Spent on Walmart Camping Equipment, Camping with my Dog”

  1. Sorry for the extend…unique pc, ect.I hope the dimensions is okay…judging from most comments, folks weren’t joyful with the final time out being destroy up precise into a chain, so this time I made it all into one lengthy video.Hope you guys skills,Let me know what you judge of the Walmart gear.Thanks!

  2. The carcass changed into on the bottom, you may presumably presumably notify by the compete putrification of the flesh. Then the younger sapling springs up and “coincidentally” grabs the legs and favor with snort. The shear weight of the animal represented by the bones would without complications atomize the sapling down. Occum's Razor: essentially the most productive resolution is often the gracious!

  3. It's kinda sad staring at an aged Scout video. He watches the entirety you enact enthusiastically, it's indulge in he's announcing Whatcha doin', Dad?

  4. Gorgeous level about shaking the tip of that small tree off sooner than cutting it. One thing the truth is easy that no person would judge doing but it can presumably enact injure. I changed into at work and sawing a low slow limb off a tree. it changed into about 5 feet and presumably between 1 to 2 inches in diameter. I stopped throughout the prick back to enact something, pondering it can presumably stop and that i the truth is prick back passable that it snapped sooner than I started but again. it changed into little though. I changed into in a position to throw my hand as a lot as deflect it off of my head incase it changed into falling on me. It changed into, and fell presumably 3 feet. it prick back my hand birth and I needed to pass for stiches and a wrap. I changed into tired and it hit the magnificent region and I felt faint too. I couldn't judge it. so small so mercurial.

  5. Sat Apr 2022, 0526 Hrs/CdtDear Fello and Fella Campers,Lomg Stay Ukraine. Please aid by donating money, clothing, and camping equipment! We as a World must bring russia to Justice for Putin”s Killing and Raping. We must squawk this “Low Life!” and Hang him in a court of law.! My Relative and Ukraine will be eternally grateful.Regards, “Ski”

  6. HOW is 500$ a topic????? I may presumably enact that shit for 200 easy as fuck and identification enact it mid winter in Canada. That changed into indulge in a first price camping residing up ou may presumably without complications have gotten with half of a brain cell, yikes.

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