A Week in The Wild

A Week in The Wild

10 thoughts on “A Week in The Wild”

  1. This used to be colossal my friend, thanks for including us, you might per chance well well also very smartly be blessed with beatiful childhood, I pray for therapeutic to the dinky ones look, be healed in the establish of Jesus!

  2. our females in the usa produce you guys appear to be pussies,one girl i know hiked the act,pct and cdt all 2kmile plus journeys,all in no longer as much as six months each,wow you guys trust it made,i just like the crimson green repeat,a minimal of he can produce fun of cannucks,ie himself and fellow countrymen,is it cannuck?did i spell it nasty?oh smartly,be pleased your shinnannigans

  3. how's it going Joe? I LOVE your channel! I've been binging it. I'm an avid camper, vehicle camping, backpacking, canoe camping, and correct this 300 and sixty five days began winter camping up Mt. Hood Oregon. I be pleased it. I'm SUPER jealous though. I keep in mind after I was a dinky one hearing someone deliver “manufacture what you be pleased”, the very very first thing that popped into my head used to be camping. here I am potentially 26 years later and that's unruffled the very very first thing that pops into my head. I entirely LOVE that that's what you manufacture for a residing. But I'm also extraordinarily jealous. I in fact enjoy your channel and I in fact assemble loads out of it. THANK YOU 😊

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