11 thoughts on “CIVIL WAR is COMING!!”

  1. I've obtained my tools ready, I even have a loaded Ar15, my 14 creep mossberg Shockwave, and my folding inventory 12 gauge! I'm also engaged on building bunkers on the completely different acres I hold. If the shit hits the fan, im positively armed and prepared! Anybody crossing my property gained't glide lend a hand dwelling!

  2. You assign this article out twelve months in the past we seam to be getting nearer currently I create no longer judge thatWe are no longer a racist society I judge that bigotry A talking point of the Democrats.

  3. What create you mean coming? It must have occurred two years in the past. What you wait unless liberals ruin the nation then discuss the possility of doing sonething about it? Too tedious. The liberals had been organized and likewise you werent. The liberals fearlessly did what they wanted and likewise you allow them to.

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