Fight with a Machete

Fight with a Machete

11 thoughts on “Fight with a Machete”

  1. Yea I done broken with a machete… Something you dont ever neglect. Simplest element to fo is be A correct person and preserve a ways from snide folks. Dont carry out medication. Survey the lord. And confidently you wont m savor to raise weapoms with u when u disappear into town.

  2. savor a see at the medival weapon “messer” otherwise is named mountainous knife basicly a machete with a diminutive hand guard thicker blade and better steadiness. peaceable single edged and appears to be cherish a as a lot as the moment one whereas in the scabard

  3. Imo Machetes are one in all the expedient residence invasion defenses in a no-firearm society… Batons are correct but dont savor as gargantuan of a unfold and threatening energy when compared to Machetes.

  4. Im a young girl and I elevate mines in my sweat pants I truly savor to stroll all over the topic I’m going. I don't lend a hand it in a find so it's rapid and simple to receive too. After I dig in those pants game over buddy

  5. I modified into pumping gasoline at night around 11. 2 folks walked to my left to encompass me as 3 othere got here towards me pulled a machete and so that they backed off few even ran off

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