On my own In Algonquin. Day 1 – MOOSE

On my own In Algonquin. Day 1 – MOOSE

10 thoughts on “On my own In Algonquin. Day 1 – MOOSE”

  1. Its 2021 now…Might perchance perchance 2and to be proper. I found you about 1 month in the past….esteem you video’s Joe. Now..I got two of you two survey…Shawn is moreover effective and I loved that video of you two constructing the refuge in hiss to hunt. Blessings fro Michigan…..

  2. 1200-1300km portage! That can perchance perchance be Algonquin park to the Manitoba border. Staunch thing it is a ways a steady-weight canoe.

  3. i are living in petawawa and beget by no methodology seen these forms of places… even as you ever mediate about doing something relish this again let me know and sick join you!

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