Patriots are RISING

Patriots are RISING

11 thoughts on “Patriots are RISING”

  1. I’m no longer paying additional to private weapons, magazines, or ammo, I’m no longer shopping liability Insurance because I private weapons. There no longer taking my weapons. Who’s with me?

  2. I if truth be told had been staring at for you to be on as of late. I if truth be told comprise never been this offended in my existence. To disrespect the militia and veterans is past what I will contend with. I don't care about the leisure lawful eradicating the treasoness Biden.

  3. Why attain of us capture that protests ought to be quiet? Video display me the keep apart it says quiet within the Constitution !! (The Founding Fathers exercise to fistfight and hit every other with canes / walking sticks when debating bills !!) Anxiety of physical repercussions keeps politicians noteworthy extra unbiased…

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