Ruining Wild Locations.

Ruining Wild Locations.

10 thoughts on “Ruining Wild Locations.”

  1. yeah i never obtained it both. it be admire, you clearly ride and adore nature on some stage or you wouldn’t be out there in the first put, so how the fuck are you able to in honest judgment of correct and unsuitable leave rubbish in the again of? i produce a kind of day hikes in the Adirondacks and that i continuously pause up leaving with more rubbish than i started out with after selecting up the total shit i leer on the sides of trails and at mountain summits.

  2. I do know right here’s veteran but eff it… I 110% accept as true with you! It makes me so livid seeing litter on and round trails and out in wild places. I deem per chance the completely time I’ve ever long previous on a hike or any trip back and forth out in public desolate tract and no longer advance out hauling diversified of us’s trash is our put in a long way nor’east Maine the put the completely diversified of us round are also desolate tract fanatics who admire and find it irresistible. Smarten up of us!

  3. Fully accept as true with you Joe! Desert or no longer, win your Sh*t! I develop no longer fetch of us that place no longer appear to be in fee in phrases of their trash! Overall sense is rarely any longer normal!

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