SOLO CAMPING – Abandoned Tropical Island

SOLO CAMPING – Abandoned Tropical Island

9 thoughts on “SOLO CAMPING – Abandoned Tropical Island”

  1. Very ultimate video, I these days came across your stuff and I’ve received to claim I’m already curved. What knife is that on fable of it appears to be fabulous and the edge retention from slicing a can turned into spectacular. I enjoy a expansive Kukri machete but a smaller one wouldn’t danger

  2. Sir I specialize in the solar must be getting to your head.. there turned into 3 coconuts on that tree correct at head level 😂 all admire these movies are one of the most reasonable 🙏

  3. Coconut water and noodles low key sounds atrocious. Lol but fuck it you gotta cook the noodles in some vogue of liquid lol. I admire your channel brother , I wanna attain stuff like this too

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